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Before buying short-term insurance, make sure that you know what you are looking for and how and where to obtain insurance.
Buying short-term insurance can be intimidating, since many insurance products are available and some marketers can predict continuous disaster if a deal is not closed with them.

You can, however, help yourself by making sure you know exactly what you need. 

Short-term insurance can be obtained in the following ways:
You can either use an intermediary or a broker; or
You can contact the insurer directly.
Your circumstances will determine the most appropriate way.

However, keep the following in mind before deciding on the method used:
The potential intermediary/broker or insurer should be licensed as a financial service provider (according to FAIS).  You are actually allowed to ask a copy of the license or the license number of the person selling the insurance.  You can also verify the details by contacting the Council for Financial Services at 0800 202 087 or



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