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Wrong or inadequate cover can lead to disastrous consequences for individuals, families and businesses. A broker can make the difference and prevent costly mistakes.

People do not know what an insurance broker should do for them, since they are uninformed about the services they are paying for. Insurance is one of the few products consumers pay for in advance. It’s important to know what to expect from a good broker to make the purchasing and management of insurance as simple and effective as possible. When dealing directly with a specific insurance company or its agents, they have only one product – their own. On the other hand, a broker will evaluate the type of cover required by the client and go to several underwriters who specialise in the particular class of business. Subsequently, clients have more options to choose from, which will increase their knowledge, resulting in getting the best value for money.

An insurance broker is an independent professional insurance advisor who acts for you – the client. The broker’s task is to help you find the insurance cover that best suits your requirements in order to obtain the best protection to meet your needs at the most competitive price.

Successful businesses have realized that a good relationship with clients ensures a good reputation. With the aim of avoiding insufficient cover and unhappiness, we at T.J Olivier & Mans determine the needs of clients by analyzing each portfolio individually and choosing an insurance company for individual clients that will provide the right product or price for their specific needs. We offer expertise, competitive rates, broad covers and excellent settlement of claims. Nothing is more important than when a client needs to claim. The maintenance of a client's portfolio will prevent costly mistakes. Over the years, T.J Olivier & Mans has built a sound relationship with some of the best insurance companies in South Africa. The service and support provided by these companies via T.J Olivier & Mans have impressed existing clients immensely.

Thus, the best decision can be made by having the most options available. When dealing directly, you’ll get one option. However, when dealing with a broker, you are able to get the big picture.

Select the best broker from the start and trust him to do the job for you.



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